A new patent application by the technology giant has sparked the speculation about the new tool, which is expected to utilise location data and other functions common to the iPhone. Analysts are hopeful that the new app will overcome compatibility issues common across iPhone models with regards to social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook. The main advantage is expected to be the ability to find friends with similar interests more quickly. This has been one of the more stubborn failures of Facebook and Twitter, which makes it difficult to locate people with the same interests regularly. There is also evidence that the new iPhone 5 will be capable of wireless charging, allowing users to charge their devices anywhere, and at anytime. Apple has not specified which devices the new patent will be used for, although it is widely expected to appear on new iPhone smartphones. The new iPhone 5 is not expected to be released until at least September in the US, but Apple remains ‘tight-lipped’ about the date.

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