In another startling revelation, former Mehran Bank chief Younis Habib claimed that he delivered money by his hand to Pakistan Muslim League Chief Nawaz Sharif at his home. Younis Habib said Rs2.5 million were also sent to Shahbaz Sharif through Telegraphic Transfer (TT) on September 27, 1993.

Habibi further revealed that Aftab Sherpao was given a bigger amount so that he brings sizeable deposits to Mehran Bank. He said in order to make up for mistakes committed in 1990, he extended support in 1993 to Pakistan People’s Party and it came to power again that year.

The man on wheelchair said in 1993 he once again used money and weakened Nawaz Sharif’s vote position by pitting Maulvis against him.
He said the money paid to the politicians was nothing less than a bribe (Rishwat), admitting that taking or giving bribe was a sin. “Bribe leaves no trace behind,” he added.

Younis Habib said in 1990, he was pressurized to arrange money ‘by hook or by crook’ to be disbursed among politicians. He said it was not possible to arrange that kind of money in a legal way so he had to commit manipulation. He was assured that ways would be discovered to get the money returned to the bank in future. Younis Habib warned bankers to always keep a distance from ‘army, a politician and a bureaucrat’.

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