After building jet fighters, submarines and other weapons, Pakistan’s military has built a homegrown version of the iPad named PACPAD 1.
It all comes together at an air force base in Kamra in northern Pakistan, where Pakistani engineering and Chinese hardware assembled the PACPAD 1 and it is available in the market.

The device runs on Android 2.3, an operating system made by Google and given away for free. At around $200, it’s less than half the price of Apple or Samsung devices and cheaper than other low-end Chinese tablets on the market, with the bonus of a local, one-year guarantee.

The PAC in the name stands for the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, where it is made. The PAC also makes an e-reader and small laptop.
PAC officials say a second-generation PACPAD will be launched in the next three months, able to connect to the Internet via cell phone networks and other improved features. It said the Kamra facility could produce up to 1,000 devices a day.

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