Pakistan has received a great victory in the final of Asia Cup 2012 and it has become the King of Asia Cup after 12 years, defeating Bangal tigers. The Bangal tigers that dissected Indian and Srilankan players in the matches could not unfortunately overcome their brothers, Pakistani players, and lost the match!. No Bangladeshi people could bear the failure of their team in the final of Asia Cup 2012, even Bangal tigers were seen weeping bitterly after losing the match. The amazing thing is that the prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina Wajed could not bear the defeat and left the stadium without presenting the trophy to Pakistani team.

As the team of Bangladesh was performing well, it was expected that Pakistan would lose the match and Bangladesh would become the King of Asia Cup 2012 and if it happened so, Sheikh Hasina Wajed would surely have presented trophy to Bangal tigers but she was disappointed to see the fiasco of her team and left the stadium though she was seen happily smiling during the match as she believed her team would surely win the match.

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